is a fashion forward shopaholic,

shouting movie lover, hungry

food enthusiast, adventurous 

traveler & a fierce authorpreneur.

Kiki’s Unique Style

Kiki's writing genre is infused with reflective  and righteous imagery through words. Her optimistic attitude and "crazy faith" has planted her in places that only a higher power could plant her. There's not a ounce of quit in her and that's what makes her extraordinary. 


About The Author

Chamberz started Designerkiki in 2017 to achieve her dream of being an authorpreneur (author + entrepreneur). She soon plans to start  her non-profit organization, True Riches. True Riches will be dedicated to helping the people, the communities, and the social causes in need. Chamberz is in the works of being God's vessel for some amazing things so please stay tuned. 


When Chamberz is not absorbed in creating content, she enjoys  watching court shows, being around family & loved ones, and traveling the world. She currently lives in Los Angeles. 

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