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 Poetic Petals


includes sonnets of strength, heartfelt handwritten notes, and ballads of beautiful literature that only Chamberz herself could create. The process of her poetry is created by taking pen to paper and illustrating through words, life's most prominent and unsettling moments while turning them into an unforgettable body of art.

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July 2024


Poetic Petals

• For poetry lovers everywhere


• How to break, hurt, heal, grow, & bloom from any situation


• Ways to forgive someone who never apologized


• Covers regret, remorse, and resourceful resolutions

• Loaded with scriptures declaring God's promises   and plans

• Expresses poetry through passion & petals

"The only reason I started writing, is because I wanted someone to listen."


About The Author

Kiki Chamberz was born and raised in the Promise Land aka California, where she discovered her gift of writing. Her writing style is refreshing, reflective, and righteous. Growing up she felt she had so much to say, but had no one to listen. So in 2017 she wrote and self-published her anthology, entitled:


"Fearless, Free & FIERCE The Renaissance"


She enjoys traveling, amazing food, & musical/theatrical events.


Kiki's faith in the Most High, her veneration to her brand along with her passion for poetry are a few reasons why she's on her way to the top of the Bestselling Charts! Stay tuned to see her blossom.  

Fearless, Free, & FIERCE The Renaissance

is a body of extraordinary poetry written by an ordinary girl.

Poems full of pain and passion, best friends and betrayal, & everything in between.


Welcome to the Renaissance.

Books available online everywhere fine books are sold!

Fearless, Free, & FIERCE

The Renaissance

• Reveals how enjoyable poetry is

• Boost self-confidence and



• Illustrates life's most uncomfortable       moments and how to handle them


• Covers stories of love & loss


• Includes Bible scriptures full of                  encouragement and inspiration


• Shows how to bring the fearless,

  free, & fierce side out of you

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